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One Rock



One Rock

One Rock is St. Francis Xavier Chaplaincy's premier annual event. It brings together hundreds of young adults from across the Diocese of Calgary for a weekend of being inspired, challenged and equipped to rock the contemporary culture by boldly living out their baptismal vocation. 

Keynote Speaker

This year's keynote speaker will be Matt Fradd

Matt is scheduled to speak twice at One Rock and once at the related Friday night Pints With Aquinas event (see details below). Register now... 

SFXC - 2020 - One Rock - Headshot - Matt

Bio: Matt Fradd speaks to tens of thousands of people every year. He is the best-selling author of several books, including Does God Exist?: A Socratic Dialogue on the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas and The Porn Myth: Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography. Matt earned his master’s and undergraduate degrees in philosophy from Holy Apostles College. Matt’s podcast Pints With Aquinas receives hundreds of thousands of downloads every month. His new course STRIVE: A 21-Day Detox from Porn equips men with the tools needed to quit porn for good. Matt lives with his wife, Cameron, and their children in Georgia. 

When & Where

One Rock will take place Saturday, October 3, 2020 at St. Michael's Catholic Community in Calgary. 

Registration opens at 8:00am and the program begins at 9:00am. A complete itinerary will be made available closer to the date.

For the first 300 registrants, there will also be a special Pints With Aquinas event on Friday, October 2, 2020. This PWA will be unique because 1) the founder of PWA - Matt Fradd - will actually be with us and 2) Matt will deliver a talk on 7 Reasons the World Needs Thomas Aquinas to conclude the event. Your participation in the Friday night Pints With Aquinas event is included in your One Rock ticket price of $50 if you are one of the first 300 people to register. Buy your ticket now...


Tickets cost $50 per person. They can be purchased online here...

Your One Rock ticket includes:

  • Participation in the Pints With Aquinas event (as long as you are among the first 300 people to register)

  • Matt Fradd's 7 Reasons the World Needs Thomas Aquinas talk (again, as long as you are among the first 300 registrants)

  • Hearing Matt Fradd twice at One Rock

  • Hearing at least two other keynote speakers at One Rock (names to be revealed at a later date)

  • A full day of music, fun and fellowship

  • The celebration of Eucharist and Confession

  • Eucharistic Adoration

  • Snacks and beverages throughout the day

  • Lunch 

  • Cool vendors

  • And everything else you have come to expect from the One Rock experience

More Information

Stay up to date with the most recent One Rock news by following us on social:

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