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About Us



About Us

St. Francis Xavier Chaplaincy (SFXC) is a ministry of the Diocese of Calgary. It came into existence on January 21, 2019 by official decree of Bishop William T. McGrattan. SFXC's aim is to foster faith, formation and fellowship among young adults within the Diocese through 3 Chapters: 1) University Students, 2) Young Professionals, and 3) Young Families.

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By faith, we mean all of the things we do to lead young adults into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

First among these is our communal celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 4pm on Sunday. 

We also foster faith by helping young adults become intimately familiar with the Word of God and by preparing them to engage the fullness of the sacramental and devotional life. 


By formation, we mean all of the things we do to help young adults better understand their relationship with Jesus Christ and how to live it out in the contemporary world. 

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In all, we hope to provide our young adults with the fundamentals in Catholic philosophy, theology, spirituality, biblical studies, pastoral leadership and social teaching. 

SFXC - 2020 - Website - Images - About U


By fellowship, we mean all of the things we do to offer young adults a taste of authentic Catholic community.

"Pints With Aquinas" is an excellent example of how we foster fellowship. Such events give our young adults opportunities to meet one another, have fun, develop friendships all the while growing in their Catholic faith. 

Other examples of fellowship events include: yearly kick-off party, weekly Sunday fellowship, annual ski trip, Winter Formal, volunteer appreciation night, and more. 

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